Inspirational Resources

The evolution of digital media platforms  has enabled me, as a photographer,  to have greater accessibility to the photographic portfolios of both historic and contemporary photographers. The broad variety of photographic archive that is online, means that I have been able to seek both visual and creative inspiration from many inspirational sources.

Researching the history of photography has also enabled me to encounter the work of both photographers and art movements that have contributed to the creative development as photography as an art form. This research has both visually and creatively inspired my own creative point of view. I found researching  Dadaism very inspiriting for its use of mixed media and conceptual creativity.  Dada artists such as Hannah Hoche and Man Ray have visually inspired me to experiment with conceptual photographic processes such as using double exposure and photomontage techniques.  I found accessing the archival research of galleries such as the Tate in the United Kingdom and Museum Of Modern Art(MoMA), in the United States, great sources for providing both visual and written references of historic photographers work. MoMA have a dedicated wing in the museum to early 20th century photography. The Thomas Walther Collection of Modern photographs from 1909 to 1949 documents the history of photography  for this period. This includes an extensive collection of influential American photographs such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange. I have been able to access this work both online and by purchasing the book at accompanies this exhibition by Mitra Abbaspour titled, Object Photo: Modern Photography 1909 1949: The Thomas Walter Collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

As a student photographer  I am always eager to see the photographic portfolios of new and emerging photographers. I found the best way to access this work is to connect with them through online and published photographic magazines. Dazed and Confused, Nowness and LensCulture Magazines published online daily, the works of many contemporary photographers . I connect with these magazines through social media sites such as Facebook or through magazine online subscriptions. This process has enabled me to interact with the work of a broad selection of new photographers whose portfolio’s have inspired my own creative thinking .  I have used some of these photographers work as visual inspiration for my photographic project include  Ryan McGinley and Gregg Segal .

I find another inspirational resource is to attend exhibitions or talks on photography. This practice enables me to not only reflect on the work of the artist but also their curation of their exhibition.  In 2017 I visited the  Wolfgang Tillmans retrospective at the Tate Modern. He presented this collection using multiple display techniques and supported his portfolio with moving images and written text. His creative approach to his exhibition presentation inspired me to use a variety of presentation techniques for my latest photographic projects.  Attending exhibitions or private views at photographic galleries have enabled me to connect with other photographers. This connection has led to being invited to inspirational talks or additional learning opportunities such as a recent work shop on the manipulation of polaroid film images.

I intend to continue to explore these inspirational resources in the planning and production of my final degree project.

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