Essay Planning

To be begin the process of setting the narrative theme for my final degree essay I set out some subject ideas using a structured mind map.This process was invaluable as it allowed me to structure and focus the detailed research I needed to undertake to develope my initial theme ideas. During my studies I have found using mind map an integral tool to use to structure essays, research and photography project planning . Mind maps can be in any format but have to be legible and be clearly categorised so it is easily translated into a more detailed plans. I find using a very formal and typed plan the best format for me to use . This is because I find it a more legible and logical to transcribe into a more detailed plan .

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 21.37.52

This is an example of the mind map I used to collate some of the key research I had undertaken to support my essay themes. I used this plan to begin the process of structuring my essay plan. I found the initial process of structuring the essay very challenging as I was unsure how to begin the process of setting out the critical arguments for both essay questions. To help address this situation I referenced back to the mind map researched resource and began to reflect on the critical arguments and how I could then structure them in the essay. Once I had a basis argument structure I set out each subject into chapters and sub sections, which would support the presentation of the critical argument . Setting out a clearly structured chapter summary with detailed notes on the essay content and essay structure, enabled me to demonstrate to my tutor my essay plan and how I intended to debate the critical arguments set out in the essay. I have found having a detailed and planned essay foundation, which reflects the mind map structured research, imperative to the process of writing the final essay .





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