Narrative Themes

Visual Story telling


My creative point of view as a photographer has always been influenced by the aesthetics of the final image. My creative objective was always determined by the creative aesethetic of the final print.  Colour, shape, balance and abstract composition often influenced the subjects I chose to photograph. This practice lead to me building up a collection of photographs for my original professional portfolio.



During my time studying for a BA in Photography I have been able to research the creative processes and portfolios of both historic and contemporary photographs. This research enabled me to identify that these photographer’s creative point of view were often derived from a narrative theme or conceptual idea. Analysing the creative thinking of these photographers influenced me to reflect on my own creative point of view.

This reflection process enabled me to identify that my photographic portfolio lacked context which made it difficult for the viewer to understand my creative thinking.

I therefore approached the planning of my next photographic project differently. I began the planning stage of the project by identifying a theme or narrative, that was relevant to my creative thinking behind the outcome of this project. Once I had established the theme of my project I began an in-depth  research process to establish the visual narrative I wanted to convey to the projects intended audience. This process allowed me to determine both the conceptual and contextual themes that I could photograph for the this project.

This process aided the evolution of my professional practice. It enabled me to establish my creative voice. This allowed me to develop my professional portfolio had began to develop into a credible selection of narrative themed projects.

This included my 2017 photographic project ” Disconnected” in which I documented the  disconnection between people when they were interacting with digital media devise.



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Dis 13

Dis 17


I feel that narrative is a fundamental part of photographic practice as it enables the viewer to understand the concept or ideas that the photographer is visually presenting to them.  I will continue to develop my professional portfolio using researched themes as the foundations of my projects.